The Hive Mind goes to Norway! Norway The Hive Mind will represent UK game development at a competition in Norway this autumn.

ECGBL is a conference about games used for education that will run the third annual game competition this year. Having passed the first round of the competition, where developers were selected to come to the conference and compete, The Hive Mind will be a part of the second round taking place in Steinkjer, Norway.

The conference will run on 8th and 9th October. During the first day, Lenka will present the game to a panel of judges in a closed session. The next day, the game will be presented to the public at the conference, giving the judges an extra opportunity to ask questions.

Concepts for the new set of tutorials Meanwhile, the development continues. A new set of tutorials that introduces the game concepts in small chunks will be a big part of the next update. Stay tuned!

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