Update 0.5.1 is here! The update features eight new challenges for beginners, levelling adjustments, interface to submit bugs and suggestions and more.

New challenges The new challenges introduce the game concepts step by step and hopefully can help everyone get on track better than the previous challenges did. But don't worry - the old challenges are still in the game for those who can reach a level high enough! Check out the new challenge concepts and some screenshots:

Beginner challenges conceptsBeginner challenges screenshots

Levelling adjustments You no longer need to pass the tutorial in order to do challenges, but the tutorial doesn't give experience anymore. Every player starts at level 1 (as opposed to previous level 0) and has two challenges unlocked straight away. All existing level-0 players have been upgraded to level 1.

Submit bugs and suggestions to help the development! Submit bug buttonYou will find a new 'bug' button above the left control panel of the Master robot interface. Use it to send us any bugs you found or any suggestions you can think of. We could really use some help with testing!

Other changes
  • New animation and sounds when you level up
  • Challenges don't give experience unless you have a score higher than 0
  • A 'tick' is shown over challenges that you already collected experience for
  • Fixed a bug that prevented saving of negative best scores to the database
  • Other minor bug fixes
  • A link to our YouTube channel has been added to the top of the web site - watch the 'Lenka Builds A Watch Tower' video there if you previously missed it!

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