Update 0.5.2 to the rescue This update mostly looks at the gas clouds and the rule editor. Also, with the new reset password option, it’s a great time for old players to get back to the game and try out new challenges introduced in the previous update!

Gas clouds The first and the biggest update to the gas clouds has to do with colours and range. The gas colours now come as yellow and cyan and the realism of colour mixing has been significantly improved. Also, gas now spreads up to 8 instead of the previous 5 blocks away from the source coloured brick. The extra distance means that you can now create more complex rules and structures.

Gas clouds

The previous visualisation of the gas cloud made it quite hard to read the distance from the source brick. The transparency effect was also quite hard on hardware requirements. Both these issues have been sorted by showing a wireframe grid instead of transparent clouds. The grid colour is bright near the source bricks, where there is the highest amount of gas, and gradually darkens as the gas concentration decreases further away from the source brick.

The new rule editorNew rule editor We wanted to make the rule editor more intuitive. The first big change is that we added a robot image to the bottom left of the first brick layer and an image of the sun behind the last layer to indicate the direction a robot will face when applying a rule.

The second change is to the gas level indicators. The maximum gas level allowed is now to the left and the minimum level required to the right, meaning that the values closest to a source brick are now to the left. Also, the individual values are shown numerically and the gas bars have a gradient that matches the colours seen on the gas grids in the game world.

Reset password option The reset password optionHas it been a while since you played and you have forgotten your password and can’t login? No worries, the newly added reset password option comes to the rescue! Just click on the ‘I forgot my password’ button in the login window and you will be sent an email with instructions. You can also use this to change your old password if you don’t like it.

Tutorial temporarily outdated The change to gas colours and range means that the tutorial recordings are outdated as they still reference the old setup. The texts have changed to include the correct wording but the robot's speech will need to be re-recorded. This is a top priority for the next update.

Another big upcoming change is that the tutorial will be split into smaller parts so that new players can get into playing the challenges and the sandbox faster, with a minimum set of required skills. There will also be new things to learn about robots and swarms so keep watching our Facebook page or my Twitter account for updates!

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